BALLET MECHANIQUE is the musical outlet of Jeroen Borrenbergs, co-founder of design studio Stoere Binken Design. In 1996 he made his debut on Eindhoven’s first electronic music label Eevo Lute Muzique and became Eevo’s in-house graphic designer from 1995 till 2003.

Creative Director

Eevo Lute Muzique


In addition to their study Design | Visual Communication at the Academie of Visual Arts Maastricht, Jeroen and René have already made re-designs of existing album covers in their free time. These re-designs were sent to Eevo Lute Muzique together with a demo tape by Jeroen, hoping for a design- or recorddeal. It worked out well because during their senior year in 1995 they were allowed to design their first album cover. After this it went quickly and several designs followed for different artists, including that of Jeroen himself as Ballet Mechanique.


One of the most talented graphic designers in the Netherlands.
Their designs for my company won awards and were included in ‘Pie Books’ amongst many other publications.

Stefan Robbers -

Delsin Records


The enormous demand for the two Ballet Mechanique releases on world’s largest music database Discogs caught the eye of label owner Marsel from Delsin Records, a well respected techno label from all over the world. He came up with a proposal to re-release both records. So the music was dusted off, remastered and completed with new artwork incl. a new logo, record sleeves and labels. All with a wink to the first Eevo releases.

Within a year dsr-x20 and dsr-x21 were a fact on Delsin. They come in two-colour vinyl and as a download and added to all leading streaming services and download sites.



O.C.D. (Open Channel for Dreamers) is a new electronic music label from Barcelona that focuses exclusively on releasing (old) unreleased material from existing producers, all exclusively on vinyl. Label owner Nick approached Jeroen (Ballet Mechanique) if he still had music from the nineties. Old digital tapes were dusted off and six months later the first release (SS-ONE) with a new series ‘THE SECRET SUN’, completely designed by Stoere Binken Design, was in the (online) record store.

The first Secret Sun release consists of limited transparent blue vinyl, protected in two plastic sleeves incl. sticker. In case of selling out or more demand from the market, they switch to the unlimited classic black vinyl and blue cardboard sleeve. Each new release from this series will get its own color.


Future and Past meeting in the Present

“I have the utmost pleasure of featuring on O.C.D. (record label) not only Jeroen’s timeless and emotional music, but also his thoughtfully crafted design for the releases artworks and final product. I see the Future and Past meeting in the Present through Jeroen’s artistical endeavours”

Nick DK -