Solland Solar branding

Solland Solar banner - Rene Verkaart)

Solland Solar is a manufacturer of solar cells and solar panels producer. They offer high-quality and innovative solutions in the field of sustainable energy. Solland Solar was founded in 2003 by Gosse Boxhoorn. Stoere Binken Design creates the iconic brand identity and has been Solland Solar’s Limburgs design- and brand management agency since its foundation.

Creative Director

Solland Solar brand identity: Photosynthesis

The basis of the Solland Solar brand identity is photosynthesis. Trees and plants catch the sunlight to produce sugar. This is transformed into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the raw material for all living things on earth.
The Solland Solar cell does exactly the same; collecting solar energy, converting it and transmitting it as energy. As a branding and marketing campaign, we have therefore made a visual combination between ‘nature’ and ‘technology’. We can vary these combinations endlessly and adjust them to the brand expression. Visual storytelling in optima forma.

In keeping with this concept, we have devised the corporate slogan; The Natural Choice.


Solland Solar Sunweb solar cell

‘Sunweb’ is the name of the patented solar cell from Solland Solar. The line structure is unique and so different from the usual H cells that we have elevated it to the main brand identity element. This is reflected in every campaign image, from the entrance of the building to brochures, annual reports, etc.

The awesome entrance design is done by Maurice Mentjens.

Annual reports are pure storytelling

No annual report without a theme. An annual report is an important annual recurring expression of an organization. In fact, it is a report from the past year, a financial document for shareholders and financial institutions.
Annual reports that Stoere Binken Design produces always have a well-considered theme, a statement from the organization. This can be a retrospective insight, but also a vision for the coming year. We always devise the theme in consultation with the customer and work out the storytelling in the smallest detail.

Series of Solland Solar annual reports

For Solland we have designed a whole series of annual reports that connect to each other and tell a consistent story, the story of Solland Solar. The annual reports are in hardcover and softcover versions. The hardcover version is suitable for VIPs, the softcover is suitable for customers and relations. The theme and storyline are the same, only without the financial statements.

Annual reports
Solland Solar cell - Rene Verkaart)
Jaarverslag merkidentiteit - Rene Verkaart)

In Stoere Binken Design we found great creative minds

In Stoere Binken Design, our graphic design office, we found great creative minds who manage to translate our thinking and expression in printed matter. The link between the pattern of the new Sunweb cell and the leaf, the best transformer of sunlight into energy, has become a showpiece of visual expression.

Gosse Boxhoorn -
CEO Solland Solar

5ive Year Anniversary boek

Five years of Solland Solar. That is a special reason for a very special project. For a whole year we worked intensively on the anniversary book with the title ‘5ive Year Anniversary’. Important relations, institutes and governments are being discussed and put Solland in the limelight.

Koning Willem 1 Award

Solland Solar has won many prizes in her younger years. The most important of these is the Koning Willem 1 Award. The prize has been awarded on these four aspects, which we have used as the structure of the anniversary book:

  • Dare
  • Vigor
  • Perseverance
  • Innovation

In addition to the international prizes won, this book provides a 360-degree view of the company and insight into market developments. It is a very powerful statement from the vision of founder Gosse Boxhoorn, former CEO Shell Solar.


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