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The Vanishing White Matter Consortium (VWM) is part of the Amsterdam UMC and consists of 9 (paediatric) neurologists from 8 academic medical centers worldwide. These are all involved in patient care and leukodystrophy research. Stoere Binken Design provided the branding and the custom medical website.

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Finding a cure for VWM

Vanishing White Matter (VWM) is a rare hereditary disease. The name has to do with the white matter in the brain, which is broken down by the disease. Due to the disease you become seriously disabled and you often deteriorate quickly. VWM occurs mainly in young children.

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The mission of the Vanishing White Matter Consortium is to enable and accelerate therapies for VWM, with the goal of accessibility and affordability for all patients. To this end, they have established an international collaboration, involving partners to provide unbiased analyzes of various therapies, using a smart trial design to address the recruitment challenges of this rare disease.
The VWM Consortium is part of the Amsterdam UMC and collaborates with a number of partner organisations, including academic institutes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and patient and family organisations.

Vanishing White Matter in pictures

The photo at the top of the website is the very first photo of the brain of a child with VWM, taken by the team of Prof. Marjo van der Knaap.

A fading logo

The logo visualizes the disease; the disappearance of mass. The logo refers to a frequency wave. The colors fade and thus underline the name of the disease ‘Vanishing White Matter’.

Although the customer didn’t really want a logo, we made it anyway. Call it stubborn, we call it passion and vision, because bottom line they are super happy with it and love to use our logo.

A custom medical website

Our web design also gives the Vanishing White Matter Consortium as a platform for medical professionals a patient-friendly appearance. Although the content of the platform is mainly suitable for insiders, patients will also find the website and therefore want/need to understand it. The focus was therefore on inclusion, the user experience (Usability), experiential experience (User Experience) and other aspects of the user’s interaction with the website. Professional. Accessible. Distinctive.

René's beautiful design amazed us

It was a great pleasure to work with René on the website. René listened carefully to our wishes, and sometimes knew even better what we needed/ wanted than us. His beautiful design amazed us, and his active participation and professional recommendations were very helpful during the content development. We had a short deadline, but thanks to René we could proudly launch the website on time. Thanks a lot!

Prisca Leferink -
Business Developer Amsterdam UMC
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Prof. Marjo van der Knaap – Amsterdam UMC

Marjo van der Knaap is an adult and pediatric neurologist, employed at Amsterdam UMC since 1991. She is head of pediatric neurology. In 2000 she founded the Amsterdam Leukodystrophy Center, where patient care is combined with fundamental, translational, and clinical research. She contributed to the MRI definition of VWM. In 2001/2002 her group discovered 5 VWM-related genes. Her research contributed to insight into VWM pathophysiology and therapy targets. She initiated the first therapy trial in VWM.


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