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In a small village in the southernmost part of Limburg lies Domein Holset SparklingWineHouse. The 19th century Limburg farmhouse is located in the middle of the beautiful Holset hilly landscape, a place to unwind and enjoy. Design agency Stoere Binken Design creates the complete branding from the logo, up to the custom WordPress website, corporate identity and the characteristic brut bottles. A fruity brand identity that bubbles.

Creative Director

Enjoying the Limburg life

First, there was the place. Then the wine. Then it became a SparklingWineHouse & Logement. Now you can spend the night there, have breakfast, meditate, confer, sing, walk, bake bread, stand still, work, taste wine, wander around and even attend concerts. With 6 unique Bed & Breakfast rooms, a country shop and a wood-fired bakery, Domein Holset SparklingWineHouse breathes traditional Limburg enjoyment of life.

Quality Dutch wines from Limburg

The Dutch quality wines are made from our own vineyards in Holset and Vijlen. Under the Domein Holset label, delicious sparkling (brut) wines are produced with extravagant names such as Dame, Prins, Bruut, and Ploni. The sparkling wine is made according to the ‘Méthode traditionnelle’ with a second fermentation in the bottle. This benefits the taste, color, odor, and fineness of the bubble.

Bruut van Holset fles

Flexible print media publications

For the many events, meetings, and courses we have designed a Design System with which we can quickly create new print media publications. Each Domein Holset event has its own theme and atmosphere and we have taken this into account with our Brand Design System. A new print media product can now be made with little effort. Flexible, efficient and affordable. This is how we do Brand Management.

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Sparkling website design from Limburg

The Domein Holset website is a good example of a cool web design from Limburg. A fresh and fruity dress-to-impress website that takes the visitor on tour through the B&B rooms, tasting room and sparkling wine shop of Domein Holset. Our web design shows beautiful fullscreen photos of the flowering vineyards and the wine experience. Everything located in the middle of the beautiful Limburg landscape on the border of Aachen, Germany. A website that tastes like more.

Typographic labels

Stoere Binken Design has designed the entire branding of the champagne bottle, from the muselet, agraaf, to the cuff and label. Each component has been carefully selected to enhance the taste experience of the sparkling wine. Each bottle, therefore, has its own color, matching the character of the grape. The style is a mix of modern and classic, but always daring and a bit cheeky.

The labels contain a very special surprise. The heraldic shields, the image on the labels, consist of the letters of the grape and are, in fact, ‘legible’. In terms of style and shape, they match the grape in the bottle and the character of the brut:

  • Dame: Chardonnay – elegant & refined
  • Prins: Souvignier (Gris) – royal & worldly
  • Bruut: Cabernet – tough & sturdy
  • Ploni: Johanniter – friendly & protective

Domein Holset in its full glory

Domein Holset SparklingWineHouse is perhaps the best Bed & Breakfast in Limburg. Located in a beautiful location it is not only romantic but also efficient. With a heat pump, solar panels, recycled materials and the reuse of rainwater, they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The grapes for the brut wines grow in their own vineyard. The wines vary from fresh fruity, elegant to complex and have cool names such as Bruut, Prins and Dame van Holset. You can buy all the wines on-site in your own wine shop.

These beautiful photos were made by Johannes Timmermans Photography for Domein Holset.

Sabel presentatie van de Dame - Rene Verkaart)

Thank you for your positive contribution

René Verkaart from Stoere Binken Design has greatly helped Domein Holset with his brand design, Webdesign and operationalizing the website, adapting it and making it suitable for e-commerce (direct booking of rooms).
To work well together, Stoere Binken works in a project management environment that does not always feel flexible, but once fine-tuned it results in a solid collaboration with clarity about everyone’s role, responsibility, and timelines. Stoere Binken Design is very flexible within that.
Thank you for your positive contribution to the development of Domein Holset SparklingWineHouse of the Netherlands.

Erik Leferink -
Owner Domein Holset

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