MEIJS Motorman branding and website

MEIJS Motorman website Webdesign Maastricht - Rene Verkaart)

Stoere Binken Design designs the new branding and custom website for the revolutionary MEIJS Motorman, a very stylish and 100% electric moped. It is a remarkable example of Dutch design and craftsmanship from Maastricht, Limburg. Handmade and constructed from only high-quality materials from local suppliers. A unique product from the Maastricht designer Ronald Meijs, of which we are extremely proud.

Creative Director

Branding MEIJS Motorman

Mylane, the company behind the Motorman, came as a disruptive startup with an innovative mission to Stoere Binken Design. They were looking for a design agency with international experience to develop their distinctive identity.
The challenge: Design an appropriate branding for the Motorman that helps us to develop and grow the electrical market as an organization.
Our solution is a minimalistic and elegant branding, entirely in the style of the Motorman’s design. There is no screw without function. Our branding doesn’t have this either. We even removed the dots on the i for an even cleaner look.

MEIJS Motorman: 100% electric and environmentally friendly

Silently and without CO2 emissions you effortlessly cruise through the busy streets of the city and bypass traffic and parking problems. You simply charge at home and there is little or no maintenance. The MEIJS Motorman is the future and an ‘instant classic’.
The Motorman is equipped with a high-quality Lipo battery with which you can drive 70 to 100 kilometers respectively. Everything for less than 1 cent per kilometer, 100% electric, and environmentally friendly.


The Motorman originated from a combination of idealism and practical necessity

I noticed that urban mobility is becoming increasingly problematic. We love cities because of their human energy, creativity, business atmosphere and the squares and streets where people meet. But we hate them because of the poor air quality, the constant noise and the lack of personal space.
We drive large, luxurious, complex cars, but are irritated by the busy traffic and parking problems they cause. I believe that, above all, mobility should be light and pleasant and should not cause CO2 emissions. The Motorman was born from this philosophy.

Ronald Meijs -
Designer MEIJS Motorman

A refined brand identity and custom website from Maastricht

A clean and elegant branding and website put the Motorman in the spotlight. The clear lines of the design of the Motorman were the guiding principles of our branding, storytelling, and webdesign. The minimalist and functional design of the Motorman requires a brand identity that fits in seamlessly with that. Light typography, lots of white space and neutral colors so that the Motorman can shine. Webdesign Limburg at its best.

Meijs Motorman saddle and key - Rene Verkaart)

Motorman custom logo font

The MEIJS Motorman logo is an abstract visualization of a helmet, designed by Ronald Meijs himself. We have taken the letter ‘M’ in the logo as the starting point for the custom logo font. Together with the clean geometric shape of the frame of the Motorman, we have designed an open and inviting logo font. This form of type design is also referred to as ‘lettering’. This is not a complete font yet, but a handmade word mark specifically for the logo.


Stern Germany tests the MEIJS Motorman

Stern, one of the largest and best-known national German magazines, has thoroughly tested the Motorman. And they were very enthusiastic. So enthusiastic that they decided to publish an extensive video report on the website and a complete page in their magazine.


I would love to keep driving all day

What really stands out about the MEIJS Motorman is that you stand out altogether. Almost everyone turns their head following you. That is due to the beautiful design by Ronald Meijs …
I would love to keep driving all day.

Frank Janssen -
Editor Stern Magazine

True love for the MEIJS Motorman

There have been many Youtube reviews about the MEIJS Motorman, the internet is full of it. But this one from Jason Bradbury, entitled “Word’s Coolest Electric Motorbike?” is our absolute favorite. A fresh film style, exciting cut-outs, good comments. This is true love for the Motorman. Magnificent!

We were allowed to use the following photos of the MEIJS Motorman Instagram channel for our website.