Maastricht UMC+ magazine

Maastricht UMC+ banner - Rene Verkaart)

The Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+) asked us to pitch for the new in-house staff magazine with the working title “Gazet”. We only pitch if we believe that we can really offer added value. We immediately had that feeling for the Maastricht UMC+ and that is why Stoere Binken Design has even made two designs for the new staff magazine.

Creative Director

Improve communication with Maastricht UMC+ employees

A staff magazine is an accessible and friendly way to improve the internal communication of an organization. This Internal Marketing tool helps to engage employees and make them more familiar with MUMC+.
The two proposals from Stoere Binken Design focus on this through clear design, fresh photography and an inviting storytelling concept.

Maastricht UMC+ magazine concept

The Maastricht University Hospital (azM) and the Maastricht University (UM) work together in the Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+). It is their ambition to improve the health of the population in the region at all levels. They focus on health recovery, health retention, and health promotion. They focus to a large extent on prevention, which sets them apart from other IMCs internationally. That is what they strive for. The inhabitants of the region and for everyone else who can benefit from the knowledge and experience gained. Hence the “+” in the name and the motto “healthy living”.

Ambition to improve health

The magazine concept that Stoere Binken Design has developed is in line with the rationale of MUMC+. The structure is a mix of personal stories and technical information. Through the personal stories of employees, their projects and patients, we create support and awareness among other employees within the organization.

Concept René Verkaart

With my magazine concept, I want to make a mix of accessible content and in-depth medical information. Beautiful infographics, exciting photos, and surprising design should tempt the recipients to read the internal staff magazine. The cover photos contain photos of people that look straight at you. This creates a connection and makes it more human. The magazine concept of the ‘Gazet’ is inviting, impressive and informative.

René Verkaart -
Creative Director

Concept Jeroen Borrenbergs

With my concept, I mainly wanted to radiate tranquility. A hospital of this size can sometimes be a hectic environment and I also saw that hectic reflected in a comparable magazine from another large hospital. I wanted to prevent that. The magazine must be a moment of relaxation for the staff, where a fresh layout and beautiful but clear visual language run synchronously and medical content sometimes alternates heavily, sometimes lightly. A magazine as fresh as spring, but all year round.

Jeroen Borrenbergs -
Creative Director

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