KunstKoppen campaign and folder

KunstKoppen Banner - Rene Verkaart)
KunstKoppen logo - Rene Verkaart)

In the Theater aan het Vrijthof, two exhibitions will be organized in November and December with work by 30 artists presented to the viewers of TV Maastricht in the KUNSTKOPPEN program. In each episode, each artist gets 2 minutes to present his artwork and motivations in an original way.

KunstKopen (Buy Art)

We have designed this artful reply card for those interested in an artwork. Viewers can send it in and compete for the artwork of their favorite artists. Design agency Stoere Binken Design Maastricht takes great care in designing striking special products that touch people emotionally and them.

KunstKoppen Opengevouwen - Rene Verkaart)
KunstKoppen Kijken en kopen - Rene Verkaart)
KunstKoppen Pijlen kant - Rene Verkaart)
KunstKoppen Bottom - Rene Verkaart)