Kalimba België branding

Kalimba banner - Rene Verkaart)

Kalimba has been successful since 1996 in supplying quality water to companies, institutions, and individuals. Kalimba extracts high-quality water from Limburg soil with the greatest care. Won with attention to people, nature and the environment, carefully bottled and presented in an honest way, delivered in a water cooler. Stoere Binken Design designs the rebranding and develops the entire new brand identity.

Creative Director

Stoere Binken Design wins the Euregional pitch from Kalimba

Ab van Deemter – an honest, well-behaved Amsterdammer – and Managing Director of Kalimba approached us with the question of whether we could improve Kalimba’s brand positioning. Totally our thing!
After a pitch among 3 creative agencies from the Euregio, Kalimba has chosen Stoere Binken Design to be their new creative agency.

Redesign of the Kalimba logo

First, we carefully analyzed Kalimba and their market and had to conclude that a mear marketing repositioning alone is not enough. That is why we took the plunge and immediately presented a full brand redesign. A strategy that has proven successful. This was really the first time that we received applause at our presentation! An accolade for us as designers.

On the left, you see the new logo that Stoere Binken Design designed for Kalimba. On the right the 15-year-old logo, clearly in need of refreshment.

Kalimba logo old new - Rene Verkaart

We found that the storytelling and the brand values did not do the old logo justice. We wanted to honor the brand image as much as possible. That is why we have re-used a number of elements of the old logo in our new logo. This also ensures that the target group is not alienated from Kalimba.

In our new logo, we have used 3 and not 4 water jets. They symbolize the 3 European countries in which Kalimba is active; Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The jets of water shoot up from Kalimba’s own well, which actually lies in the Limburg landscape.


A serious rebranding requires sustainable market research

The working area of Kalimba covers 3 European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. This contains the challenge that we had to solve at Stoere Binken Design. How do we get all this in one line?
Maastricht University has, therefore, conducted telephone research in 3 countries to find out how individuals and companies deal with the purchase and use of a water cooler. You surely understand that this resulted in 3 different answers.

Do you want to know more about the results of this study? Feel free to contact us.

Kalimba water with Limburgish character

It was a real challenge to come up with a uniform brand positioning and advertising campaign for 3 different nationalities. We have used all the results from the market research and summarized these under the most important binding element; Limburg.

All 3 EU countries have their own Limburg area. These areas borders one other and in the epicenter lies Kalimba. Since the water is drawn from their own well, we have come up with a new corporate slogan; “Water with a Limburg character”.

Cross-border Limburg landscape

The new campaign image is striking, strong and extremely distinctive in the market. No competitor does something similar. The Kalimba water bottle on top of the Limburg hill is a brilliant find, we think.
Stoere Binken Design always develops unique identities, because no customer, market, and target group are the same.

Kalimba landscape

All the photos we used on the website are real Limburg landscapes; undulating, natural and challenging. Each landing page on the website has its own suitable photo to show the diversity of the Limburg landscape.
The photo of the Limburg landscape that we used as a campaign image was shot by Pascal Lemlijn Photography.

Kalimba campagne 3 talen - Rene Verkaart)

The result is amazing

After 15 years we were in need of renewing our brand appearance and wanted to remind the world of our existence in an original way. To give substance to this, we invited three advertising and design agencies. Stoere Binken Design was selected by us for their appealing name and it were ultimately the Binken who convinced us during the presentation of their ideas with the most creativity, flexibility, thinking ability and a sense of reality. This ultimately led to the fact that we trusted the complete rebranding and repositioning of the marketing and communication in their hands.

The result is amazing and that what is to come raises high expectations. The compliments from our customers and prospects are therefore overwhelming. We sincerely hope that our collaboration with Stoere Binken Design lasts forever.

Ab van Deemter -
Managing Director

Fleet with a Limburgish character

The Kalimba fleet can be seen on the road throughout Limburg every single day. The most service-oriented Kalimba employees are behind the wheel. They bring and collect the Kalimba water and transport it throughout Limburg, in three countries.
We believe that their fleet vehicles are one of the most visible and tangible brand expressions. That is why the campaign image is presented as large as possible on the side. They are driving billboards that you cannot oversee.

Kalimba bestelbus - Rene Verkaart)

Corporate identity font with character

Kalimba’s corporate brand font is the CFF Insider Pro, designed by René Verkaart, aka Characters Font Foundry. The round shapes perfectly match the warm character of the new Kalimba logo.

Fonts are extremely important for brand identities. It visualizes the DNA of your company in the purest form. Custom fonts are the future for SMEs.

Custom type

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